NET is a free and open-source, managed computer software framework for Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems.


Learning Basics of Web Designing and creating projects using HTML,CSS and PHP

SAS Analysis

Getting Started with the SAS System,Data Sets,Producing List reports, Producing summary reports ,Introduction to graphics using Enterprise guide and many more...

R Programming

Learning basics variables , datatypes ,functions and dataframes , packages ,csv and arrays , factors

Manual Testing

Overview , Testing process - creating test cases,summary reports, Database Testing and Rational Unified Process ....

Oracle Database Administrator

Learning Overview , Instance Architecture,Oracle *Net configuration Data buffer configuration & sizing and many more....

Oracle - SQL Developer

Database Design ,Oracle Standard Interfaces ,The Sample Database ,Data Definition Language Data Manipulation Language ,etc....

Python Programming

Learning Python Scripts, flow control ,Sequence Data , Defining function ,Working with files ...


Connecting to Data,Analysis,Calculated Fields,Formatting,Building Dashboards, Sharing Workbooks,Advanced Mapping....


Introduction,Loading data with Qlikview , Creating the script and Data Modelling,XML File ,Set Analysis,Alerts and Triggers..

Web Design

Creating a Basic Web Page,Cascading Style sheets introduction , techniques and Javascript

SAS Advance

Learning SAS/ODS ,Oracle-Sql Concepts , SAS/SQL ,SAS/ACCESS ,MACROS ,SATS....

JAVA Programming

Learning basics , OOPS Concepts and creating projects

Digital Marketing

Learning Website Planning and Creation , Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ,Search Engine Marketing , Social Media Marketing,Digital Media Planning and Buying.

Mean Stack Development

Getting started with Node.js.,Node Package Manager,Modules ,Asynchronous Programming,Callbacks,Events and Event Loop.....


Learning SQL , Retrieval techniques ,DDL,DML and many more...